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Plumbing Problems

Plumbing Problems

How to avoid plumbing problems during the winter

The winter season can be tough for commercial plumbing systems. Business owners can now take these actions to prevent an unexpected plumbing catastrophe in the coming months.

How to Prepare Your Commercial Plumbing for Winter

Although temperatures in Philadelphia don’t drop below 0 degrees Fahrenheit as in other parts of the country, the weather can get cold enough to wreak havoc on commercial plumbing in Philadelphia. As a business owner, you know your plumbing is a key part of keeping doors open. These steps will help you prepare your pipes for the winter months.

1. Remove the external hoses

Even before it gets cold, it’s a good idea to disconnect the external hoses. Disconnecting the hose can help prevent water from freezing in the hose and damage to the hoses and devices. You can leave the tube disconnected but still attached to the coil. Just plug it back in when you need to use it. If possible, shut off the water supply to the outdoor appliance if you know that it will not need to be used during the winter.

2. Caps for external plumbing

Your plumbers can install special plugs that fit outdoor water fixtures. Restaurants, bars, car washes, and other businesses that use a lot of outdoor water can benefit from these covers. The water in the pipes will not be as cold and the window openings will not have any ice buildup. The caps can also prevent condensation that would damage building mortar, coatings, or stucco. The caps are hinged and simply lift up when you need to use the equipment.

3. Pipe insulation

Insulating the pipes will not only prevent pipes from freezing but can also help make your plumbing system more energy efficient. Focus on insulating the pipes that run along the perimeter walls of your building. If the budget allows, ask the plumbers to insulate the other pipes, including the hot water distribution pipes and the hot water tank. This could cut water heating costs by a significant amount of money each month.

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