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Plumbing Philadelphia: intervention in the bathroom

Plumbing Philadelphia: intervention in the bathroom

A plumber in Philadelphia for the good execution of the work and the intervention in the bathroom.
Do you want to refresh your bathroom? Replace the sink, install a shower cubicle, install a toilet cabinet, install a siphon? You can team up with a plumber in Philadelphia to make sure the work is done properly.

Installation of a washbasin

The sink is a key piece of the bathroom. For its installation, there are a number of steps to follow. Before connecting the washbasin to the sewage system and water supply, the plumber in Philadelphia first installs the faucets. He must install the joints between the faucet and the top of the sink. Once this step is completed, he installs the faucet, making sure to tighten the nuts and to place the remaining seals. He then screws the bung into the hole in the sink and installs the valve. Note that you can call a plumber in Philadelphia for emergency repairs in case of a clogged sink. In case you want to replace your sink, this professional can also give you good advice on the choice.

Installation of a shower enclosure

A shower enclosure consists of protective walls, a mixer, a shower tray, a shower column and fittings. Its main advantage is its small size. Indeed, it occupies very little space compared to a bathtub. This type of shower is also easily accessible. It is the ideal equipment for people with physical disabilities. The ease of installation is also one of the advantages of the shower enclosure. About 3 to 4 hours can be enough for a plumber in Philadelphia to ensure the installation. This time frame can be longer for a simple do-it-yourselfer who is not familiar with this type of task and who is not well equipped.

Installation and unclogging of siphon

The trap is an important component of the pipe. Its first purpose is to prevent the rise of bad smells coming from the sewage pipes. The second is to facilitate the intervention in case of a clog in a sanitary equipment. A regular maintenance of the trap allows to extend its life. A deteriorated trap can have an impact on your comfort and safety. Therefore, think of contacting a plumber in Philadelphia, if you need help for the maintenance, the replacement, or the installation of your siphon, whether it is a classic model, a bottle siphon, or an S-shaped siphon.

Toilet Cabinet Installation

A mirror cabinet is one of the most useful pieces of bathroom furniture. It has more or less shelves depending on the model, a side, sliding or top opening and lighting. Some models include an outlet, which can be used to power the hair dryer or electric shaver. The place of the mirror cabinet is above the sink. For its installation, you need to arm yourself with some techniques. If you have no DIY skills, remember that you can also rely on a plumber Philadelphia to ensure the success of the installation.

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