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Plumbing boiler Maintenance

When to carry out maintenance on the Philadelphia boiler?

Maintenance isn’t just a way to fix problems with your boiler. It is also essential to prevent serious problems from arising in the future by properly caring for and maintaining your boiler. The performance and efficiency levels of your boiler may decrease over the years, however, by periodically repairing the appliance and replacing worn parts, it can stay as good as new for longer. If you have just installed a new boiler, you may not have considered if or when to request assistance. But just like a car, boilers need regular maintenance to ensure everything runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

Most boilers come standard with a five-year warranty. Some boiler suppliers may offer up to 10 years of warranty. However, for this guarantee to remain valid for that period, boiler maintenance must be carried out regularly. But when should you repair your new boiler?

How often should you repair your boiler?

Always check with the manufacturer, but usually, the first boiler service must be performed 12 months after installation to meet the terms of the warranty.

The boiler should be serviced regularly to make sure there were no new problems, such as gas leaks. Every household should have a carbon monoxide alarm so that this problem can be solved easily. However, without an alarm, carbon monoxide is virtually undetectable. This is a very important reason why your boiler should be regularly serviced by a qualified technician.

If you have missed your boiler’s annual service and are concerned that your boiler’s warranty may be void, you can call the manufacturer and check. The manufacturer may be flexible and find a way to ensure that the warranty remains valid. The cost of the boiler service is spread over 12 months and the company contacts you every year to book your service. If you are likely to forget to book a service, you can set up a standing order with a company of your choice. The cost of the

What does a boiler service include?

Plumbing boiler MaintenanceIf your new boiler goes up to 12 months, you may be wondering what your service will include. Below, we’ve outlined every aspect of boiler service and what it means.

It is important to note that the installer should consult the product manual for any single maintenance requirements other than the standard items.

  • Inspection of the boiler

The first thing a registered engineer with Gas Safe will do is inspect the boiler and surrounding piping. The engineer will check for any visual problems such as cracks, leaks, or corrosion. Then, they will test the boiler and its controls to make sure everything is working properly. They will remove the boiler casing to make sure there are no cracked or damaged parts inside the boiler. Qualified engineers do this – you shouldn’t take off the casing yourself.

  • Smoke and pressure control

Once the engineer has determined that everything looks fine, they will begin to check other important aspects that make the boiler work safely and efficiently.  This is important as a blocked chimney can cause dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide, to enter your home. They can also use a flue gas analyzer to make sure the boiler is burning the correct combination of gas and air. If it’s burning too much gas, you may be overpaying your energy bill.

  • Cleaning of essential parts

Included in the service of your boiler is the cleaning of some parts such as the heat exchanger and the combustion chamber, the burner assembly and the electrodes, and the condensate siphon (if necessary).

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